Fabric Knowledge Chat: What’s the Difference Between Sable and StarFrame Materials

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Some products are made entirely different while others vary slightly based on the needs of our customers. Here is one such discussion.





*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer” or a generic name.



[16:42] Customer: Hello, what are the differences between the ezFrame Sable and the Starframe?

[16:43] Jaime has joined the conversation

[16:43] Jaime: Hello, the frame molding and how they get put together are the differences

[16:44] Jaime: you can see pictures online through the dealer website

[16:44] Customer: are there any differences in the screen material at all?

[16:44] Jaime: no, the reflectivity is the same

[16:45] Customer: ok, I’m seeing there are 3 different material available and trying to find the best one for my projector

[16:45] Customer: I have a Optoma UHD60, 3000 lumens

[16:45] Jaime: if you can control the light in the room, you can use either material

[16:47] Customer: ok, and there would be no real difference between the 3 screen models other than how it’s assembled?

[16:47] Jaime: that is correct

[16:47] Jaime: the surface reflects the same

[16:48] Customer: ok, and which one would you recommend between the 3?

[16:49] Jaime: the best overall quality will be SableFrame2 series

[16:49] Jaime: it will be easier to build

[16:50] Jaime: the material and components assembly make the screen overall better, which is why you’ll notice that it will cost a little more than the Starframe

[16:51] Customer: it’s about a 20$ difference, but I’m ok with that

[16:52] Customer: would getting this screen get me a better picture than the screen I have now? I’ve built my own frame and used a grey projector screen material from Carlofet

[16:53] Jaime: Yes, our white material will reflect a brighter image without the loss of any contrast.

[16:54] Jaime: my suggestion is to go with the Sableframe2 series with white material, but do control about 80% of the light

[16:54] Jaime: do not allow any light to penetrate between the projector and screen

[16:55] Customer: it’s in a room that can be completely dark. basement with no windows

[16:56] Jaime: ok, you’re all set

[16:56] Jaime: you have a good screen to purchase, which you can get through Amazon

[16:57] Customer: perfect, thank you for the information

[16:58] Jaime: sure thing

[16:58] Jaime: thank you for contacting us today

[16:58] Jaime: have a good day



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