Just Doin’ Life Reviews Elite Screens’ Reflexion Series & ezCinema 2 Portable Projection Screens

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Projector Used in the Evaluation: Sony a6300 & Sony a5100

Projection Screen Used: Reflexion (FM110H) & ezCinema 2 (F107XWH2) Portable Projection Screens



YouTube Channel AV Expert, Antwan of Just Doin’ Life Evaluates Elite’s New Lines of Reflexion (FM110H) & ezCinema 2 (F107XWH2) Portable Projection Screens

What good is having a great projector if you don’t have a great screen to project on? Just Doin’ Life’s Antwan, checks out the Elite Screens ezCinema2 107” 16:9 (F107XWH2) & Reflexion Series 110” 16:9 ( FM110H ) portable projector screens and demonstrates their value.

Just Doin’ Life gives insightful videos about CE Retail (consumer electronics) products. Each video takes the viewer from unboxing to a full product analysis.

Antwan covers the main purpose of a portable non-electric free-standing projection screen. It offers a non-invasive way to bring a larger-than-life image into the home or office. Such screens are ideal for portable commercial presentations or occasions when movie night is in order and a residence or its backyard can be transformed into an indoor/outdoor theater. Despite its size, these screens are not heavy so exceptional strength is not required to tout it around.

The Reflexion’s telescopic upright support is demonstrated from the front and rear. Operation is a one-man-show. Each screen is matted in a black border to absorb projector over-scan to keep the presentation neat and properly formatted.  The material is 4K/UHD compliant so it’s not limited to entry-level projectors.

The ezCinema2 is an upgrade over the Reflexion. Its most notable difference is the free-standing “scissor-spring” design.  This allows the presenter to draw the material up out of the casing and stop at the desired height.  This is a one-handed operation. No twisting or setting a locking mechanism required. Just pull the screen material up to the desired height setting and leave it where you like it.  The build quality and ease of operation are definitely the strong selling elements when compared to price definitely makes this a quality product. While the ezCinema2 took the prize with Antwan for being the best of the two, either design offers a lot of the proverbial bang for your buck.


About the Reflexion (FM110H) 110” 16:9 telescopic support free-standing portable projection screen

The Reflexion Series portable projector screen is an easy-to-use, portable screen that is suitable for both small and large venues. It combines the ease of portability seen in a traditional tripod projector screen with the fast-acting operation of a floor pull-up design. The telescopic upright support enables the presenter to utilize variable height settings.  The simple yet rugged design ensures that this will be a reliable product that comes fully assembled and ready for years of dependable use.


About the ezCinema 2 (F107XWH2) 107” 16:9 scissor-spring support portable projection screen

The ezCinema 2 by Elite Screens is a free-standing portable projection screen that offers even more features to CE Retail customers than our earlier model. It swiftly pulls up and retracts using a “scissor-backed” free-standing mechanism that requires no extra tools, accessories or effort. This is the perfect “projector screen in a box” for portable presentations on the go. The matte white material has a wide viewing angle and is masked on all 4 sides for enhanced aesthetics and visual contrast. The screen comes with a black backing to eliminate light penetration for brighter image fidelity.

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