Case Study: Spectrum Tab-Tension 2 Electric and Manual Tab-Tension 2 Wall/Ceiling Projector Screens at Anaheim Hot-Spot, Decades Bar & Grill

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  • Product: Spectrum Tab-Tension 2 (ELECTRIC125-HT) and Manual Tab-Tension 2 (MT125XWH2)
  • Venue: Decades Bar & Grill in Anaheim, CA
  • Video Link: Spectrum Tab-Tension 2 (Click Here) Manual Tab-Tension 2 (Click Here)

Manual (MT125-XWH2) and Electric (ELECTRIC125-HT) 125” “roll-up” projection screens demonstrate their versatility at a well-known restaurant and bar that has become a popular draw for Southern Californians with a flair for 1980s-1990s nostalgia.

Just minutes from Disneyland, Decades Bar and Grill is a popular venue for live events, private parties, or a fun night out. Located in Anaheim’s historic Colony District, the retro architecture of the surrounding neighborhood complements the club’s theme that takes its guests down memory lane with 1980-90’s era music and ambience. Sam Barajas showed our videographer around the place and gave testimony as to his thoughts on the screen and the many problems that they solve.

In regards to the Spectrum Tab-Tension 2 (ELECTRIC125-HT), it takes up a prominent space so that everyone in the establishment can get the big picture. “We’re excited about our new projection screen by Elite Screens; when the DJ’s come in, they put all their videos up on it. Music videos, football games, baseball games, we have it right there and the quality is great. We’re excited to launch our new events there as well. The quality is amazing.” As Stranger Things was playing, it was easy to feel the sense of enjoyment that the diners felt. This is what it’s about in hospitality venues and Decades Bar and Grill is one of those friendly sanctuaries that draws people at the end of a busy day.  “When customers see the music videos on the big (projection) screen, they love it.” Barajas continued, “the screen is super easy to install and operate. All I do is grab the RF remote and press the button.”

The Manual Tab-Tension 2 screen (MT125-XWH2) fulfilled a great role, front-and-center at the stage. Manual “non-electric” screens come in handy for this role since power sources are usually not available up in a truss work rigging such as this. Since a manual screen has no electric requirements, it will not draw power away from the sound and lighting systems. According to Sam Barajas, “So we have live music here; we have DJs who play their favorite videos, so adding a whole new projection screen here creates a whole new party environment for everybody.”  In his interview, Barajas gave the precise reason why so many stagehands like a quality manual screen. “So, we wanted to go with the manual tab-tension because we wanted to make things easier.  We have a lot of wires already going around our stage so we wanted to simplify the experience as well as the workload. It’s super easy to use. All you do is pull the string down and the screen stays there on its own and when you’re done with it, give the screen a quick tug and it goes up on its own.” Barajas spoke enthusiastically about the screen’s size and how inclusive and fun the big screen experience is. His biggest question is, where he can make more space for another big screen.

The Spectrum Tab-Tension 2 Series (ELECTRIC125-HT), Electric Projection Screen is part of Elite Screens CE-Retail line of electric projection screens. It’s tab-tension reinforced CineWhite® UHD-B material provides enhanced material flatness. This feature allows ultra/short throw projectors to reflect a flat ripple-free image. The CineWhite® UHD-B projection material is ISF certified for superior color reproduction with no color shift. The product used in this video is a 125” size with an HDTV (16:9) aspect ratio.

The Manual Tab-Tension 2 (MT125-XWH2), non-electric “SRM” Projection Screen is a first-class manual pull-down projection screen with added features typically only found on a high-end product. It has a tab-tension system to keep the screen material flat along with hands-free retraction system. The housing is of aluminum construction, is moisture resistant and available in a white housing. A safety return feature that slowly retracts the screen into its housing with ease. This feature is convenient and provides added peace of mind. The product used in this video is a 125” size with an HDTV (16:9) aspect ratio.


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