Installation Chat: All About the 12-Volt Trigger

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[18:56] Customer: How long is the trigger cable that is included with the 125HT

[18:57] Rick: the trigger is about 5 inches long. you will need your own wire to splice between the projector and screen.

[18:58] Customer: Okay. I ran Cat5. I have Optoma HD23 that has 12V out. Was trying to figure out what connections I need to get to connect between screen and projector

[18:59] Rick: if you are using your own rj45 you will need pin 7 and 8 and splice to a mono jack.

[19:01] Customer: Thanks. I use that on the projector end. Do I just need RJ45 male for screen?

[19:01] Rick: yes,

[19:02] Customer: THANKS! By the way, is there a setting on the screen motor to stop at a certain height, or is it all up or all down with trigger?

[19:02] Rick: one moment.

[19:03] Rick:

[19:03] Rick: File :

[19:04] Rick: here is a photo of one of our screens.

[19:05] Customer: Sweet. Thanks. In the comparison chart on  it shows “Wall box with RJ45 port” included as accessory. What is that?


[19:06] Rick: its a 3 way switch that will plug in to the screen if you don’t want to use the remote. but this is an accessory.

[19:07] Customer: Okay. Does the RJ45 connect to the remote, or directly to the screen? Is there a schematic?

[19:08] Rick: the wired remote plug in to the screen.

[19:08] Rick: on the photo i provided your can see the location.

[19:08] Rick: you can see the location*

[19:10] Rick:


[19:10] Customer: Is the black square on the underside the RJ45 port?

[19:10] Rick: yes,

[19:10] Rick: it is located on the left hand side when you are facing the front of the screen.

[19:12] Customer: Awesome. So I will have RJ45 directly into back of screen on left hand side, connect to RJ45 / mono jack for projector.

[19:12] Rick: correct.

[19:12] Customer: THANK YOU! Ordering 125HT in a few days!

[19:13] Rick:

[19:13] Rick: you’re welcome.

[19:14] Customer: My Optoma HD23 is 6 yrs old. Will the awesomeness of the screen reveal the age of my projector and force me to upgrade to a 4K projector….?

[19:16] Rick: the screen will provide the surface needed for your projector to get a clear crisp picture. but it will also work with the newer projector as well.

[19:17] Customer: Thanks for all your help!

[19:17] Rick: you’re welcome.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer” or a generic name.


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