Benefits of CineGrey 5D vs. Matte White Projection Material in A Home Cinema Darkroom Environment

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The CineGrey 5D® is an angular reflective front projection material designed to reject ambient light while maintaining superb picture quality. The CineGrey 5D® is the perfect solution for rooms that have little or no control over incidental light. This means that it’s an ideal fit for family rooms as well as lecture halls, boardrooms, sports bars, training facilities, and other business environments. In addition, the CineGrey 5D® increases projector brightness 1.5 times the amount. This is perfect for low lumens ouput projectors!


When it comes to creating your ideal home theater, Elite Screens recommends using one of their popular Ceiling Ambient Light Rejecting Materials such as the CineGrey 3D/5D in a dedicated home theater environment for the following reasons:

1) Angular reflective material does not scatter light in the room

2) Improves black levels and color purity for an enhanced contrast image

3) Ambient Light Rejecting Technology absorbs/reflects light

4) ISF Certified material provides accurate color reproduction


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