Elite Screens Kestrel Tab-Tension 2 CLR® 3 Series: The Perfect Addition to Your Home Theater

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Unboxing and Review from @NewStuffTV1 | @EliteScreensInc Kestrel Tab-Tension 2 CLR® 3 Series | The Future of Home Cinema: For movie Theater Ultra Short Throw Projector 

If you’re looking for a solution to combat washout caused by overhead lighting in bright room environments, the Kestrel Tab-Tension 2 CLR® 3 is the perfect electric free-standing projector screen for you. Its Ceiling Light Rejecting® technology ensures that your projections will always be bright and clear, even in challenging lighting conditions. The screen material is configured in a tab-tensioned format, which means you can expect a taut, flat, and ripple-free projection surface that’s perfect for ultra-short throw projectors. And because it ascends and descends into its housing, it’s a non-invasive solution that won’t require permanent wall or ceiling installations. We offer the Kestrel Tab-Tension 2 CLR® 3 in your choice of black or white housing, so it’s sure to fit in with any room décor. Thanks for watching, and we hope you enjoy your new Ambient Light Rejecting Screen! Tags: Kestrel Tab-Tension 2 CLR® 3, Ambient Light Rejecting Screen, Ultra-Short Throw Projector, Ceiling Light Rejecting® Technology, Electric Free-Standing Projector Screen, Home Theater, Projector Screen, Tab-Tensioned Format, Bright Room Environments, Non-Invasive Solution, Washout Effect, Black Housing, White Housing, Ripple-Free Projection Surface, Easy Installation, Flat Projection Surface, Home Entertainment, High-Quality


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