Elite Screens QuickStand 5-Second Tension CineGrey 5D|Portable Ceiling Ambient Light Rejecting Screen

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✍ Are you seeking a quality ambient light projector to take your home theater to the next level?

Check out the EliteScreens Aeon CineGrey 5D! This projector is perfect for a home theater or man cave, and features cinematic quality images with 5-second tension. Plus, the portable design means you can take it with you anywhere!

With the EliteScreens Aeon CineGrey 5D, you’ll be able to enjoy high quality images in any room of your home. Plus, the portable design means you can take it with you anywhere! So don’t wait any longer, and order your EliteScreens Aeon CineGrey 5D today!

The QuickStand 5-Second Tension is a mobile free-standing large-size tab-tensioned projection screen. It uses our ceiling ambient light-rejecting CineGrey 5D® material to combat the washout effect typically experienced with conventional matte white materials in bright-lit environments. The screen includes a built-in stage case for travel. It pops out of the case and is extended using a dual-scissor support system. The QuickStand sets up in seconds vs. the 20+ minute setup time using other brands of portable big screens.


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