Spectrum with Sector 111 Racing Company

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Date:  March 2018 Location:  Murrieta, CA Event: Business Application, Sector 111 (Shinoo Mapleton) Product: Spectrum Electric Screen Video Link: (Click Here)     Shinoo Mapleton … Read More

Spectrum Acoustically Transparent “4K” (Electric125H-AUHD)

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Date:  February 2018 Location: California Event: Residential Application Product: Spectrum Electric Screen with AcousticPro UHD projection material Video Link: (Click Here)     Chris, a home … Read More

Evanesce In-Ceiling Electric Screen with Acoustically Transparent Material in Palm Springs Home

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Date:  January 2018 Location:  Palm Springs, CA Event: Residential Installation- Matthew Hensman Product: Evanesce In-Ceiling Electric Screen with Acoustically Transparent Material (IHOME126H2-E12-AUHD) Projector Used: Panasonic … Read More

Evanesce in Laguna Beach Residence

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Date:  December 2017 Location:  Laguna Beach, CA Venue: Residential Installation Product: Evanesce IHOME126HW2-E20 Installer: Paul Parker (Homeowner) Video Link: (Click Here)     Product Notes: … Read More

Top European AV Experts Give Great Review of Elite’s Motorized CineGrey 5D® Ambient Light Rejecting Screen

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Top European AV Experts Give Great Review of Elite’s Motorized CineGrey 5D® Ambient Light Rejecting Screen   As Elite Screens continues … Read More

ezCinema Series at Holiday Inn- Buena Park, CA

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Case Study : Holiday Inn – Buena Park, CA (ezCinema F135NWH)   Date:  June 26, 2017 Location:  Holiday Inn. (Buena Park, CA) … Read More

Candela La Brea

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Date:  April 3, 2017 Location:  Candela La Brea, Los Angeles, CA Product: Aeon AR180WH2 Installer: Omar Projector(s) Used: Multiple projectors, ceiling mount   Large … Read More

Aeon CLR® Series- Phoenix, Arizona

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Aeon AR100H-CLR “Ceiling Light Rejecting®”  Projection Screen Demonstrates How It Can Negate Bright Room Lighting to Deliver “Flat Panel” Performance … Read More

Aeon CineGrey 3D® Series- South Dakota

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Aeon AR120DHD3 Ambient Light Rejecting Screen crushes Ambient Light in Sioux City Residential Media Room   Date:  Mar. 28, 2017 … Read More

Sable Frame CineGrey 3D® Review

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Date:  Feb.11, 2017 Location:  Aachen, Germany (Residential) Product: Sable Frame (Cinegrey 3D®) ER100DHD3 Projector: Sony VPL HW65 Installer: Heinrich (Residential)   Customer Comment – “Great screen for living … Read More

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