What are my IR infrared remote’s binary codes?

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The most likely reason that this customer needed the infrared remote’s binary codes is to program it into his universal … Read More

What Projector is Best for My VMAX 2 Screen?

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This customer is interested in buying a VMAX2 electric projection screen.  Like so many end users, she is new to … Read More

I Need a Screen for my UST (ultra-short-throw) Projector

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Regardless if it is a Standard “long throw”, Short throw or UST projector, it’s important to match it with the … Read More

Too Much Top Drop Border at The Top of The Saker Projection Screen? No Problem!

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The vertical limit switch is what regulates how far your projector screen will drop out of its casing. This discussion covers … Read More

How do I identify my Projector and Know what screen to Get for it?

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It is important to match your projector with screen that has a matching aspect ratio. This customer was able to match … Read More

What Screens Do Short Throw Projectors Work With

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Ultra short throw projectors are a very specialized piece of gear for AV environments. Such a specialized piece of gear needs … Read More

Saker Tab-Tension 12V trigger and Vertical Height Settings

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Here is a discussion on adjusting the vertical limit switch of Elite projector screens.  It also contains information on how … Read More

How should I match the aspect ratio of my projector and screen?

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It is important for the Projector and screen to have a matching aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is essentially the screen’s size. It … Read More

Match your Projector to the Right Screen

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This customer has a lot of questions ranging from our edge-free frame screens to electric solutions and even ambient light rejecting materials. … Read More

Reflexion Series

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This customer had a question about the Reflexion free-standing portable screen. The Reflexion Series portable projector screen is an easy-to-use, … Read More

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