What Comes With the ZPM-RT Remote Kit and Will It Work With My Spectrum 2 Projector Screen?

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When buying accessories, it is always important to know if you are getting a product that will adequately fit your … Read More

I’d like an electric acoustically transparent screen for my room

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Acoustically transparent screens are a fantastic way to have wall speakers merge the sound and image into one source just … Read More

Hard Shell Road Cases for Portable Projector Screens

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A customer who owns a portable DJ/Presentation business is looking for a more durable way to keep his portable projector … Read More

What’s the Difference Between the Spectrum and Spectrum2?

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Our customers like options and we’re willing to provide them.  A customer contacted us with a whole lot questions but … Read More

End User Considers Electric Rear-Projection Screen for Business

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A business owner is interested in acquiring a projector screen for his business.  He has questions about the functionality of … Read More

Volunteer Service Group Learns the Advantage of an SRM (Slow Retract Mechanism) Over the Older Manual Screen Format.

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A local volunteer service group had a loss at their training facility today.  The old spring-loaded manual screen in their … Read More

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